Since 25 years our presence in this field of friction screw press engineering has gained us a lot of experience which drove us in the expansion of manufacturing various spares & accessories for the friction screw presses
    We offer consultancy services and share our experiences with the users of friction screw presses.  We can attending major breakdowns, replacement of spares, conversions programs of converting friction screw presses from manual to semi-automatic operations etc Repair and recondition of friction screw presses at its own premises, offering educating to operators, preparing manuals to friction screw presses, Procuring presses  and operating as inspection agency, buying and selling of second hand friction screw presses Etc.

We can supply the following spares of the friction screw presses.

  • Chrome leather friction belt for the friction screw press.
  • Extremultus belts, Endless main drive belts.
  • Timing belts
  • Schematic clutch plates /clutch spares.
  • Belleville springs, tie Rods and nuts,
  • Special material thrust pads, special bearings,
  • Ram ends, ram sides zips,
  • Brake linings with shoes & Brake liners
  • Brake liners.
  • Copper rivets,
  • Friction Screw Press Lead Screws and Bronze nuts.
  • Extended/Additional bolsters.

Gun Metal Nut
Ram Guides
Gun Metal Nut

Friction Discs
Belt Mounted fly Wheel
Slipping Clutch System
New Screw Rod
Screw Rod
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